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CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

The CeMM Research Institute is located in Lazarettgasse 14 (AKH BT 25.3) on the main campus of the Vienna General Hospital and the Medical University of Vienna.




CeMM is one of Europe’s leading biomedical research institutes. Its researchers are tackling biomedical challenges with a focus on cancer, immune disorders, and infectious diseases. CeMM scientists take interdisciplinary approaches utilizing a variety of systems biology techniques. Research at CeMM is exceptionally collaborative and has a strong focus on medical impact, based on a profound molecular understanding of diseases such as cancer and immune disorders. CeMM is part of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a founding member of EU-LIFE. A study by “The Scientist” put CeMM among the top-5 best places to work in academia worldwide.


Institute for Artificial Intelligence of the Medical University of Vienna

The AI Institute is located in Währinger Straße 25a, between the “Josephinum” Medical History Museum Vienna and the University of Vienna’s Department for Computer Science.




The Medical University of Vienna is Europe’s largest medical school and one of the oldest in the world. It was founded in 1365 as the medical faculty of the University of Vienna, and it has operated as an autonomous university since 2004. Physicians at the Medical University treat ~95,000 patients per year as inpatients and ~500,000 as outpatients, creating major opportunities for data-driven research. The Medical University has a dedicated Department for Medical Data Science, with research in statistics, medical informatics, complexity sciences, and other areas. In this department, the AI Institute seeks to advance biomedical research and clinical practice through methods development, applications, and teaching in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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