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Interested in joining our lab?

We are always looking for ambitious students and postdocs to join our multidisciplinary and highly collaborative lab.


Our work combines experimental biology (high-throughput sequencing, epigenetics, CRISPR screening, synthetic biology) with computational methods (bioinformatics, machine learning, artificial intelligence), in the areas of cancer, immunology, and precision medicine. Most lab members have a background in wet-lab biology, bioinformatics or data science, medicine, computer science or mathematics, or a combination of these fields. We are very much open to unusual backgrounds if there is evidence of academic excellence.


Postdocs: Candidates for postdoc positions should apply to the Pre-ERC Postdoc Program at CeMM and/or contact Christoph Bock by e-mail with a CV and a short description of their research interests or project ideas.


PhD students: Candidates for PhD positions should apply to the PhD Program at CeMM. The application deadline is typically in January, and successful candidates can start between June and October (flexible). We also recruit computational PhD students for the AI Institute via dedicated job postings. Any such positions will be announced on our Twitter account:


Master students: Candidates for a Master's thesis or an undergraduate research fellowship should contact Christoph Bock by e-mail with a motivation letter, CV, and relevant certificates/transcripts. The standards are very high, and a minimum time commitment of 8-12 months is expected to allow for an ambitious research project.


Other positions: Candidates for other positions (e.g., research technician or project scientist) can either apply to specific job postings on the CeMM career website or contact Christoph Bock by e-mail with a motivation letter describing their interests/ambitions, CV, and relevant certificates/transcripts.


Living and working in Vienna

Vienna is a great city to live and work in, especially for international scientists.


For the tenth year in a row, Vienna has been ranked the best city for quality of life by the Mercer study, boasting factors such as green spaces, public transport, health care, and safety. Life in Vienna is also relatively affordable compared to other large European cities.


Furthermore, Vienna is a hub for science and innovation, with numerous research institutions, universities, and companies actively involved in various fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and in medicine and the life sciences.


Beyond its scientific appeal, Vienna is a city of exceptional history and culture. It has a rich heritage of art, music, literature, and architecture, and it proudly houses the legacies of many famous composers like Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert. Vienna’s abundance of museums, theaters, opera houses, and monuments attracts visitors from all over the world.


Vienna is a United Nations city with a large English-speaking community, providing many opportunities for non-Austrian citizens to immerse themselves in a rich and diverse cultural environment.


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